BASSÓN has been created under a foundation of love, care and most importantly with God in all that we do. We aim to empower and shine light on strong individuals around the world by going beyond the ordinary to extraordinary in creating bold pieces. 

We intend on successfully offering designs that will showcase your value and style. As a brand, we aim to inspire and encourage our clients to take the lead, and stand strong, while making a statement. 

BASSÓN believes in providing a helping hand to society by laying down blocks for their future development. Our goal is to invest in the well being of others by contributing and raising funds to charities and communities.


Our strength is our people. We value and respect our team and the relationships we build with others.
We embrace originality and believe in joining our passion, individuality and culture in order to construct bigger and better ideas.
Service to others

Giving is in our DNA! As a brand, we want to be able to know that we have had some kind of meaning and purpose in the life of others. We simply want to be a blessing in the lives of others.